We deliver the future of oral care offering non-surgical technology options for periodontal disease patients

Over 80 million people in the US suffer from chronic periodontal disease and because flap surgery is traditionally required in 95% of cases, patients are never treated. Many do not seek surgical treatment due to fear of undergoing oral surgery, which is compounded by friends and relatives sharing unpleasant experiences. Other patients will start surgical procedures and never finish treatment due to extreme discomfort, long recovery, and need for opioid medications to control the pain. OraVu® has developed a better way!

We provide an alternative to definitively treat periodontal disease, defining a new gold standard! The DeVA- 1® micro-endoscopic system with MicroRinse™ technology gives clinicians the tools to non-surgically provide a visual deep cleaning (Visual-SRP℠) to remove the disease causing bacterial calculus. Procedures are completed in one day as an out patient procedure with no additional prescriptions required. Welcome to the future of oral care!