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6 Xplorer's Site Specific - $594.00

Dental Xplorer™

The Dental Xplorer™ is an ergonomically designed precision dental instrument that perfectly holds and aligns the ViRSS™ sheath for all your dental micro-endoscopy applications. The Xplorer™ is autoclavable, light, and designed to hold the sheath in place without damaging the fiber optics. Having a relaxed, fitted design in your hand reduces cramping and fatigue during long procedures.

  • Ergonomically designed for comfort and non-slip grip

  • Six Configurations to meet all your Visual-SRP℠ therapy requirements

  • Color Coded for each configuration

  • No slip cuff locks ViRSS™ in place within handle

  • Secure, no leak fit at the tip

  • Standard Autoclave Sterilization

                                                                                                                   U.S. & International Patents Pending

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Single Xplorer's

Light Blue.png
Medi blue with white background.png

Light Blue



Medium Blue

Left - Left


Dark Blue with White background.png
Light Yellow with Whte background.png
Dark Yellow with white background.png

Dark Blue

Left - Right


Light Yellow



Dark Yellow

Right - Left


Red with White background.png


Right - Right


Xplorers in cassette.JPG

Sterilization Cassette



Keeping a spare set of Xplorers on hand for each DeVA system is highly recommended so you may have one set in the autoclave while you are using the other.

OraVu Xplorer hand tools are required for use with OraVu sheaths when using a competitor endoscope system, such as the Zest Perioscope. OraVu fiberscopes are not compatible with competitor endoscope systems, such as the Zest Perioscope.

The Best Dental Instruments

Dental Xplorer™ hand instruments provide superior performance, resolution, and safety for minimally invasive and definitive non-surgical treatment of periodontal disease.

ViRSS™ (Vision & Rinse Safety Sheaths)

  • ViRSS™ – (Vision & Rinse Safety Sheath) comes in sterile single use packaging.

  • ViRSS™ packs come in quantities of 5, 10, and 15 units.

  • Locks in place to avoid disengagement and water leaking.

  • 4 times greater water flow than the other sheath.

  • Environmentally sealed window to prevent endoscope contamination.

  • Backward compatible with Perioscopy™ systems.

Perioscopy™  is a registered trademark of Zest Dental Solutions, LLC.



  • OraVu’s CE certified smart battery replacements to ensure long life for your DeVA-1 system.

  • Smart power charger for the DeVA-1 system is designed specifically for the high capacity smart battery system. 

  • The portable to 5 wheel stand conversion kit allows you the ability to have a more stable and stationary platform to hold your DeVA-1 system.

  • Along with many more accessories...