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NEW 2nd Generation




Digital Camera Fiberscope System

to Treat Gum Disease

The DeVA-1® 2G Pro with upgrades delivers a state-of-the-art HD image of the sub-gingival pocket for the Visual-SRP℠ procedure. Visual-SRP℠ offers superior deep cleaning versus blind SRP which leaves as much as 40% of the calculus behind. This non-surgical periodontal therapy provides an alternative to gingival flap surgery, keeps the patient in house, and improves overall patient health. The DeVA-1® 2G system allows hygienists to perform Visual-SRP℠ with ease and comfort for clinicians and patients.

Our new upgraded DeVA-1® 2G Pro now has the camera located at the distal tip of the fiber and delivers clear, crisp images or video. No need for a coupler therefore, no need for focusing. Depth of field is 1mm to infinity with outer fiber encasing over 100 small illumination fibers.                                              


No Recovery Time from Surgery

  • Treatment can often be completed in one to two sessions

  • Patients can return to daily activities immediately

  • No scheduling delay to accommodate recovery time

No Opioids for Post-Surgery Pain

  • No painful dental surgery 

  • No post-surgery severe pain management, typically opiods

  • No risks or complications associated with surgical procedures

Increased Access for Earlier Treatment

  • Dental hygienists can perform the procedure; dentists or periodontists are not required

  • Patients do not need to wait for an appointment with a periodontist

  • Increases availability of the periodontist for other procedure


Traditional SRP is a blind procedure with no view of the area being treated. As much as 40 percent of the calculus is left behind since the clinician cannot treat what he or she cannot see. By using a Digital Camera Endoscope and live imaging with up to 100x magnification, DeVA-1® 2G provides a clear view for definitive treatment.


  • Micro-Endoscope with Micro-Rinse™ systems

  • Portable and lightweight (less than 35lbs.)

  • Live HD digital color video with recording and still image capture

  • Automatic exposure, white balance and gain

  • FDA compliant software

  • Compatible with existing water systems

Improve Health

Periodontal disease is directly connected to systemic health. Improving oral health reduces risk for heart disease, diabetes and other conditions.

Less Surgery

With effective treatment patients can generally avoid gingival flap surgery including post-surgery recovery and severe pain management.

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Concerned about training staff?


  • We train and certify the DeVA operator

  • You will be up and running in one - two days

  • You get ongoing clinical support with our certified dental hygienists

  • We train you where you are--our portable and compact system allows you to move between dental operatories