Company History

For several years, Michael Austin was a member of the Board of Directors of Rowpar Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of the ClōSYS brand of oral care products. In this role, he became keenly aware of the significant systemic health risk to people with periodontal disease and Rowpar’s product's ability to improve systemic health through improved oral care. However, the chronic periodontal disease needs professional treatment in a dental office.  In early 2014 Mr. Austin became aware of the use of endoscopes in treating patients with periodontal disease.  As an engineer, Mr. Austin innately understood the value of being able to SEE something in order to do something about it.  In this case, seeing the subgingival calculus so it can be removed, preferably without surgery. ​

Mr. Austin's research revealed that there was only one product on the market. It was in limited use for a variety of reasons, but primarily because the imagery was sub-optimal. When Mr. Austin formed PerioEndoscopy® in 2014 the idea and effort were to improve the image quality of the product that had been on the market. Shortly after, Mr. Austin decided to start from scratch and reach out to current dental endoscope users to figure out what they wanted and needed in a dental endoscope. 

In early 2015 the clean sheet design work started with an emphasis on: 

  • Sharper image

  • Easier to use and faster learning cycle

  • Longer life cycle

  • Ability to document subgingival calculus and its removal via Video and Still image recording


OraVu’s management team is dedicated to continuous improvement and advancement in technology to save people's lives. Quite literally! Making non-surgical definitive periodontal treatment available to more chronic periodontal patients will not only improve their oral care but improve their systemic health, and in many cases save their lives. 

Like all successful technology companies today, OraVu will make improvements in its products at a rapid pace to keep ahead of customer needs, leading the way toward better oral care and saving teeth.