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Marketing video

Grow your practice with this marketing video!

Send us a couple short videos of you speaking about the benefits of using the DeVA-1 2G Pro and we will customize a marketing video for you. It's that easy!

Please e-mail for more instructions.

Marketing Video Example:

Create a landing page similar to this for your website:

Deva-1 2G Pro

The DeVA-1® 2G is a new technology developed for the treatment of periodontal disease. The DeVA-1® 2G is an endoscope that has been specifically designed to explore and visualize the pocket (space) under the gum of teeth involved with periodontitis. An image on a computer monitor shows the diseased tooth’s root surface. TheDeVA-1® 2G enables the clinician to see the contents of the periodontal pocket and to analyze the root surface of the tooth for disease-causing bacterial accumulations (plaque and calculus).

TheDeVA-1® 2G guides the clinician during the process of cleaning the root surface free of plaque and calculus – the treatment for periodontitis. It also allows the clinician to identify other problems (cracks, perforations, and other disease-causing flaws of the tooth root’s surface) that are located under the gum, and which previously required surgery to detect.

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The DeVA-1® 2G with upgrades deliver a state-of-the-art HD image of the sub-gingival pocket for the Visual-SRP℠ procedure. Visual-SRP℠ offers superior deep cleaning versus blind SRP which leaves as much as 40% of the calculus behind. This non-surgical periodontal therapy provides an alternative to gingival flap surgery, keeps the patient in the house, and improves overall patient health. The DeVA-1® 2G system allows hygienists to perform Visual-SRP℠ with ease and comfort for clinicians and patients.

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