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Blinded By The Light: Non-Opioid Innovations in Precision Periodontics”(Non-Opioid Pain Therapy)

Check out Dental CE Academy for “Blinded By The Light: Non-Opioid Innovations in Precision Periodontics”(Non-Opioid Pain Therapy Symposium) . Speaker Katrina M Sanders RDH, BSDH, M.Ed, RF is able to take you on a journey to truly understand the depths of Visual-SRP and how it shows exactly what is under the gum line. The vision of the micro-fiberscope allows the clinician to remove all the calculus, infection, biofilm, decay, and any debris. As well as, having the ability to see what may lie under an implant or show fractures. She was also able to demonstrate the harmful effects of gum disease and how damaging it can be. Gingival flap surgery is commonly used when treating gum disease. However, it is an invasive method that cuts into the gum to allow vision to the clinician. This painful method commonly uses opioids to relieve discomfort and ease the patient. When using opioids there are opioid-induced rewards that help alleviate the patient. Having a gum disease alone can be extremely painful; taking the right precautions and executing the right procedures necessary for one's well-being are important. Due to the pain of flap surgery, it shells the positive liking to opioids. There ARE alternatives to this, such as Visual-SRP, which requires NO opioids and is an equally effective therapy that can treat chronic inflammatory conditions. When doing a BLIND deep cleaning it is EASY for clinicians to smooth over the calculus or not get the remainder of the debris that lies under the tooth. Clinicians can sometimes miss up to 40% of the bacteria-infested calculus. Visual-SRP is a golden therapy and THE highest standard of care for the patient. Visual-SRP not only is extremely effective and non-invasive but is only needed 1-2 times for the patient. This is great for the reduction of pockets, improving systemic health, getting rid of inflammation, and in some cases, bone mineralization is evident with nonsurgical therapy.


Employee burnout is a huge occurrence and reality. Dentistry IQ just released an article on this exact topic and talked about recognizing culture, checking in on your employee’s health and ensuring that the brain is stimulated. Common signs of burnouts include: · Reduced productivity · Increased numbers of errors · Lack of Interest · Negative moves OraVu supports checking in on your employees and encouraging time to recharge. As well as, inspiring employees and keeping a vitalizing environment for a better future. Dental hygiene can be so stressful and can infiltrate these burnouts. The DeVA-1 endoscope brings in advanced technology to excite hygienists and makes the job more effortless with visual scaling and root planing! No more wondering and worrying about if the calculus was removed! Now being able to see what you are doing is less stressful than the tactical blind method! No more having your patient ask why you are treating them with your eyes closed! E-mail at for more information!

Laura Corbin, RDH, BFA, AAS Talks "Removing the Blindfold"Using the Dental Endoscope : Dentistry Unc


OraVu is coming to Miami Beach, FL November 5th to the 7th for the AAP convention! The address is: 1901 Convention Center Dr Miami Beach, FL 33139. Check out their website for more information!


OraVu will be taking on the ODA convention in Dublin, OH on September 30th through October 2nd! Don't shy away from saying Hi! Check out their website at !