The DeVA-1™ system is designed around the way you work. We started with the clinician and patient in mind, learned what the biggest pain points are, and engineered a completely new approach to dental micro-endoscopy. The DeVA-1™ uses state-of-the-art technology to provide a superior resolution live video that you can record or just grab a still frame while you work. The system creates easier workflow for the clinician by automatically handling most image adjustments along with digital zoom capabilities. This allows for pre-and post-treatment measurements, better communication with patients, and ability to store treatment progress.


In addition, the DeVA-1™ design minimizes its operatory footprint and is compatible with existing in-house water systems, so no more specialty tanks or extra water system maintenance. The Micro-Rinse™ system boosts water flow to quickly flush the treatment area with foot pedal control.




    SKU: 364215376135191
    • System Includes:

      • Smart Tablet with eNcounter™ Software pre-installed (6 months free trial period)
      • 5 wheel SmartStand™ (Standard)
      • Portable SmartStand™ with Rugged TSA Roller Case (Optional)
      • Single high fidelity Fiberscope system with storage case
      • Complete Set of 6 Dental Xplorers™ designed around the way you work.
      • Starter ViRSS™ pack (5 sheaths) to protect patients and Fiberscope from contamination.
      • Y-adapter to connect with existing water system
      • Water system to sheath tubing
      • Designated Customer Service Representative
      • Annual maintenance contract (Optional Upgrade)
      • High Speed USB 3.0 Camera cable
      • Smart Li-ion Battery Charger system


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