Foot Pedal Control Switch (replacement)

Foot pedal water control switch replacement for the DeVA-1. Comes with pedal and 6ft. cord with adapter plug designed for use with the DeVA master control unit.



Water Line T-splitter replacement

Water Line H2O T-splitter replacement.



Micro-Fiberscope Replacement

The micro-fiberscope transfers the HD image and illumination.


SKU: EN10DV0100

Xplorer Holder

Treating more than one patient a day? Consider purchasing an extra holder for your dental xplorers, so that one can be in the autoclave being sterilized while the other is in use. Best practice to minimize potential cross-contamination and keep your working area sanitized between patients.



DeVA-1 Tablet Key

2 keys that unlock the back of the tablet from the DeVA-1 stand.



Water Extension Hose (replacement)

Extension hose that attaches to the water control system and DeVA-1



Self-Contained Deluxe Single Water System w/2 Liter Bottle

  • Single 2-liter Asepsis Deluxe System

  • Metal cover with white powder coat finish

  • Air purge toggle

  • Water pressure is controlled by adjustable regulator 7205

  • Standard 28mm thread for water bottle

  • Pressure gauge 7265

  • On/off toggle releases bottle pressure

  • Dimensions: 5" x 4 1/2" x 17"

  • Deluxe models have a selector toggle allowing you switch between city and bottled water



Endoscope Lens Coupler

This high precision optical lens coupler is uniquely designed to convert the microscopic image into a high definition image optimized for the camera system detector. The coupler comes with dust protection covers and threads into the DeVA-1 camera port.



Smart Power Charger for DeVA-1

Smart power charger for the DeVA-1 system is designed specifically for the high capacity smart battery system. Converts AC to DC power and smart system to prevent overcharge of smart battery.  Only use OraVu certified smart charging system to ensure long life and to protect your investment. (NOTE: Do not replace with generic charger or risk of damage may occur to your system)



Li-Ion Smart Battery

Only use OraVu’s CE certified smart battery replacements to ensure long life for your DeVA-1 system. The high energy capacity, Li-ion, smart charging battery is designed to prevent under and overcharging along with temperature monitoring. Protect you investment by only purchasing CE certified smart battery replacements from OraVu or your approved distributor.



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