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ViRSS™ Sheaths

ViRSS™ sheaths are a protective covering for the high intensity LED fibers of the DeVA-1 micro-endoscope. They come in sterile, single use packaging. The sheath locks into place to avoid disengagement and water leaking onto a patient during visual scaling and root planing or other blind dental procedures. Water flows through the sheath to clean the debrided area. OraVu sheaths are compatible with competitor endoscopes.

Certified shelf life from sterilization is 2 years.


 Case - 5 (five) boxes for a total of 25 (twenty-five)

 individually  wrapped sheaths shipped in sterile

 packaging in each case

 Total $1800 - $72 per/sheath

 Master Pack - 4 (four) cases for a total of 100

 one hundred) individually wrapped sheaths

 shipped in sterile packaging in each

 master pack

 Total $7000 - $70 per/sheath

Box - 5 (five) individually wrapped sheaths shipped in sterile pouches in each box

Total $395 - $79 per/sheath

VIRSS Sheaths require the use OraVU's dental Xplorer

How it Works  Like a subscription system, we will set up a monthly shipment of 10, 15 or 20 DeVA Sheaths at the quantity discounted  price and  you will also receive 6 Site Specific Xplorers in a stainless steel Cassette, after your first order. So you save on the Sheaths and get Free Xplorers and Sterilization Cassette! You can change the monthly quantity at any time as your requirements change.   

10 Sheaths = $720.00

($72.00 per Sheath)

That's a $70.00 Savings per/month!

Regular price $79.00 per/sheath 

Contact Us For Higher Quantities 

Offer ends April 30th, 2021


  • Backward compatible with perioscopy systems

  • Locks in place to avoid disengagement and water leaking on your patient 

  • Environmentally sealed window to prevent endoscope contamination

  • Optimizes water flow to the treatment point

The Visual Rinse and Safety Sheath

Backward compatible with other dental endoscope systems when used with the Dental Xplorer™ to prevent leakage.


  • Six tip configurations designed around the way you work 

  • Ergonomically designed for comfortable use

  • Proprietary sealing mechanisms to prevent leakage

  • Locking mechanism to secure the sterile sheath and scope

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