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ViRSS™ Sheaths

ViRSS™ sheaths are a protective covering for the high intensity LED fibers of the DeVA-1 micro-endoscope. They come in sterile, single use packaging. The sheath locks into place to avoid disengagement and water leaking onto a patient during visual scaling and root planing or other blind dental procedures. Water flows through the sheath to clean the debrided area. OraVu sheaths are compatible with competitor endoscopes.


 Case - 5 (five) boxes for a total of 25 (twenty-five)

 individually  wrapped sheaths shipped in sterile

 packaging in each case

 Total $1800 - $72 per/sheath

 Master Pack - 4 (four) cases for a total of 100

 one hundred) individually wrapped sheaths

 shipped in sterile packaging in each

 master pack

 Total $7000 - $70 per/sheath

Box - 5 (five) individually wrapped sheaths shipped in sterile pouches in each box

Total $395 - $79 per/sheath

VIRSS Sheaths require the use OraVU's dental Xplorer


  • Backward compatible with perioscopy systems

  • Locks in place to avoid disengagement and water leaking on your patient 

  • Environmentally sealed window to prevent endoscope contamination

  • Optimizes water flow to the treatment point

The Visual Rinse and Safety Sheath

Backward compatible with other dental endoscope systems when used with the Dental Xplorer™ to prevent leakage.


  • Six tip configurations designed around the way you work 

  • Ergonomically designed for comfortable use

  • Proprietary sealing mechanisms to prevent leakage

  • Locking mechanism to secure the sterile sheath and scope

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