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Surgical Mega-Soft Toothbrush

The Surgical Mega-Soft Toothbrush is ideal for use immediately

after SRP procedures with DeVA-1


It isn’t easy to maintain oral hygiene after SRP's (scaling and root planing) and the treatment area may experience post-operative sensitivity. Extra-special gentle care is needed, and with this in mind the Surgical Mega-Soft Toothbrush is recommended. This brush has more than 12,000 ultra-fine filaments, each with a diameter of only 0.6 mm, making it extremely soft on gums and teeth. Being designed specifically for post-surgical brushing this truly is the finest brush of its type. 

Qty            Each               Total 
  12            $4.50             $54.00
  24            $4.25             $102.00
  36            $3.95            $142.20

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