Taryn Matatall, CRDH

I love the DeVA-1! I had a patient today that we did four quadrants scaling with the DeVA over several appointments. Her results were fantastic! Several areas that were 8mm had healed to 5mm. Both, I and the patient were excited to see. With more time, and more patients accepting treatment, I think we will see a great response.

Danielle Rulli, RDH, MS, DHSc

Director, Graduate Dental Hygiene Program

Clinical Assistant Professor

University of Michigan School of Dentistry

Department of Periodontics and Oral Medicine

The DeVA-1 has transformed my research and non-surgical therapy while increasing my team member value. My periodontist colleagues now request me to assist with various diagnoses and treatment decisions using the DeVA.

Laurie Hough

Loving the DeVA-1 - getting more comfortable with it and loving it!