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Ethan Moulton DDS, MS

My experience with the Deva has been eye-opening. 


Using the Deva gives you a real-time, high-resolution, highly magnified view of what is happening below the gumline. I believe the view is MUCH better than surgical access for posterior teeth. You can clearly see bio-film, calculus, open crown margins, overhanging restorations as well as furcations. There is so much less pain compared to flap surgery, The patient will rarely need Rx pain medication when the Deva is used with micro-endoscopic periodontal treatment.  Every office should own and implement this technology.

Danielle Rulli, RDH, MS, DHSc

Director, Graduate Dental Hygiene Program

Clinical Assistant Professor

University of Michigan School of Dentistry

Department of Periodontics and Oral Medicine

The DeVA-1 has transformed my research and non-surgical therapy while increasing my team member value. My periodontist colleagues now request me to assist with various diagnoses and treatment decisions using the DeVA.

Taryn Matatall, CRDH

I love the DeVA-1! I had a patient today that we did four quadrants scaling with the DeVA over several appointments. Her results were fantastic! Several areas that were 8mm had healed to 5mm. Both, I and the patient were excited to see. With more time, and more patients accepting treatment, I think we will see a great response.

Laurie Hough

Loving the DeVA-1 - getting more comfortable with it and loving it!

Dr. Michelle Ko, DDS MS


Cervical enamel projection (facial furcation of #30) was seen under OraVu DEVA-1 2G. It can be one etiology of bone loss around furcation. 

Titanium piezo tip to remove calculus on dental implant under OraVu DEVA-1 2G.

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