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Training is Important!

  • Become proficient in all features and functions of the DeVA system

  • Learn proper sheath threading technique as well as proper use and care of the fiberscope, the most important and most expensive part of your DeVA system

  • Learn proper V-SRP technique to ease the learning curve and get to work immediately on endoscopic periodontal therapy

  • Get the entire office on board with tips and techniques for encouraging patient acceptance and team cooperation

  • Learn proper patient follow up procedures and monitoring so you can teach patients how to better manage their own post-procedure care

What to expect from your day of training

  • A full 8-hour day for ONE clinician with ONE trainer on site at your place of business with two patients specially selected with guidance from your trainer

  • Team time with the whole office to talk strategy, marketing, communication, and implementation

  • Four hours of hands-on DeVA use to learn the OraVu Visual-SRP protocol

  • Lunch and breaks with plenty of opportunity for Q&A

  • 30 days of follow up support with your trainer for clinical questions, and one year of technical support from OraVu

  • The opportunity to learn a procedure that you will master more quickly than you expect with results that will make your patients happy

About your OraVu Trainer

OraVu trainers are masters of endoscopic periodontal therapy and gum infection treatment. Starting Trainers have at least two years experience using a dental endoscope with SRP, and Master Trainers have a minimum of one year as an OraVu Training Provider, three years experience using a dental endoscope, and one or more years experience using a DeVA system. All are registered dental hygienists, and currently all OraVu trainers are Master’s level. 


Our Training Director has more than 20 years experience as an RDH and nearly eight years doing visual scaling and root planing with a dental endoscope. She has selected friendly, highly skilled, and knowledgeable clinicians that remain active in their field!


We are always on the lookout for good trainers, so if you are interested in becoming an OraVu certified trainer fill out the form below or email us directly.

For more information on how to schedule training for your office, please contact us.

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