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Finding Clarity with Dental Endoscopes

 With Frances Tryon and Nicole Fortune

The DeVA-1® is a state-of- the-art dental micro-endoscope with the MicroRinse™ Technology, Fiberscope, complete set of 6 Dental Xplorers, a 5 pack starter set of ViRSS™ sterile sheaths, and a SmartStand™. The DeVA-1® is the best medical device for performing Visual-Scaling and Root Planing (Visual-SRP) the definitive non-surgical periodontal therapy.  The portable system comes packed in a rugged, TSA roller case.

The ViRSS™ sterile sheaths protect both the Fiberscope and patient from contamination. 25 individually wrapped one time use sheaths shipped in sterile packaging in each box/ 5 boxes in a case.

The Dental Xplorer™ is an ergonomically designed precision dental instrument that perfectly holds and aligns the ViRSS™ sheath for all your dental micro-endoscopy applications. The Xplorer™ is autoclavable, light, and designed to hold the sheath in place without damaging the fiberoptics. Having a relaxed, fitted design in your hand reduces cramping and fatigue during long procedures.

Surgical Mega-Soft Toothbrush

The Surgical Mega-Soft Toothbrush is ideal for use immediately after SRP procedures with DeVA-1